About the Journey

So, last year (2020), myself (Ceall) and a good friend (Niall) set off on an odyssey. We wanted to see how far we could get swimming from point to point down the coast, starting from Blackrock Baths in Dublin.

We had an amazing summer doing some fantastic swims, seeing some spectacular coastlines along the way. We got as far as Cahore in Wexford by September and Niall documented it in a blog along the way. We used the blog to raise money for two charities. One was Clean Coasts and the other was Temple Street Children’s Hospital. I have relocated Niall’s 2020 blog to this site for a more permanent record.

In 2021, I swam on from Cahore. I had been planning all winter and was looking forward to the lifting of lockdown and getting going again. I got as far as Slade with is the most southerly outpost of civilisation in Leinster. This brought me 200 aquatic kilometres from the start and furnished me with a memoir which I hope to publish in the coming months.

In the coming year (2022), I would love to get another 100 kilometres which would get me as far as Shanagarry and this would warrant a financial outlay to hire constant canoe safety cover. As such, if you know anyone out there who is looking to sponsor a venture like this, please get them to email info[at]ceall.com and I’d be delighted to talk to them.

I implore you to read this blog and enjoy the adventure as much as we did and will continue to do.

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